• What effect does light have on player friendliness?

  • Ambient light is less ideal when using the LaserSniper as it interferes with the detection of the laser. Make sure to eliminate as much unnecessary lighting as possible. Sunlight is specifically detrimentail to the calibration of the LaserSniper Detector.
    When you have eliminated all unnecessary lighting, right click on the LaserSniper driver icon which is located near your clock on the taskbar.
    Adjust the sensitivity slider to a position that makes the system reacts at it's best. The sensitivity slider also has an automatic function, when you drag the slider to the plus and release it. The system will then search for the best position if possible.
  • What type of projector can I use with the LaserSniper shooting simulators?

  • We support all kinds of projectors, DLP or LCD
    For a good projection quality make sure to use a projector with 1500 - 2000 ansi lumens.
    Also make sure your projector supports 1024x768 resolution and 4:3 ratio.

    All neccesary hard- and software can be found at our webshop as well.
  • How can you detect where I am shooting at on the screen?

  • We use a detector to automaticly and real-time detect where you have aimed for and where you have hit. The special LaserSniper detector detects the laser beams on the projection screen. We use the most accurate detector available for shooting simulators.
  • What can you tell me about the guns you use to emit the laserlight?

  • The LaserSniper package includes a black sports rifle that is 100% realistic in looks, handling and weight. It is fit with precision aligned lasers and high quality electronics.
  • How much space do I need?

  • The complete system requires only little space (no more than 20 square meters), making it suitable for any amusement centers like karting-tracks, bowling-alleys, lasergames, FEC's and bars. A room with almost no lighting fits the best for a comfortable playing environment.
  • I'd like to buy LaserSniper, what do I need to think of?

  • Well we advise that you have the following
    1) A PC that is up to the standards as given
    2) A projector and projector screen
    3) Two external speakers
    You need little room (no more than 20 m2 max), so you can set it up anywhere.

    All soft- and hardware can be found at our webshop as well.
  • What are the requirements for the PC I need?

  • You will need a computer in order to play the LaserSniper Shooting simulators. Virtually all new computers are able to run the LaserSniper Shooting simulators. More specific, the requirements are as follows:

    256Mb internal RAM
    1.5GHz clock speed
    1Gb hard disk
    Intel or AMD processor
    CD-ROM drive
    2 available USB ports
    video card (minimum 128Mb)
    sound card
    Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatible
  • What are the prices of your products?

  • To receive the prices of our products, please check out the webshop. You can also place an order there.