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Target practice

The most classic of shooting simulator games. Targets pop up and it is your task to shoot them all. The closer to the center, the more points. Check out the high score before you start, that is the thing you want to beat.

Wild game hunter

A nice hunting twist to the LaserSniper. The animals are walking around the forest, waiting to be shot by you. Can you hit them? Don’t shoot too fast though, you don't want to hit your colleague hunters who are also walking around. Guess what's on for dinner tonight.

Clay shooting

The classic British sport. Shoot the clay from mid-air or see it shamelessly fall on the ground. Experience how the British nobles are playing this sport for decades. British moustache is not included. :)

Saloon Shootout

The best wild-west shooting simulator. Hit the rogue cowboys and not the damsels in distress. Unless of course you want to loose points quicker than your shadow. Don't forget to reload your Wild West six-shooter when it is empty or be too late.

Target Range

Five shots, two moving targets. You have to aim carefully and shoot them, taking into account that the targets moving around. Hit as close to the center as possible and you receive more points. The farther the targets are away the more difficult it gets and the more points you are able to receive.

Laser Darts

Be Phil Taylor, world champion of Darts and dart like a pro at LaserDarts. Try to go for a 9-darter. If you increase the difficulty, the dartboard will be much more difficult to hit. Game on!!

Duck Hunting

Hunting game in which the player must shoot the flying ducks. Three difficulty levels can be selected to control the speed of the game and ducks...


Forget 'Pong', LaserTennis is equally awesome and fully applicable to the 21st century. Play with two players and hit the tennis ball back at your opponent. The longer the ball is in the play, the faster and more difficult it gets. Who can score the most points?


Accuracy is what matters. There are multiple targets for you to shoot at. Aim carefully but equally fast otherwise the targets are replaced with new targets. If you do not only hit one target but all of them, you can prepare for the special last target...

Fast Follow

This game is all about your decision speed. Will you shoot the target or not? If you hit the target you earn points. If you decide not to shoot you will receive a point deduction. Where is the catch? Oh yeah. Shoot and miss a target and it is game over...

Hit the Can

In the old American game 'Hit the can' you have to try to keep the cans in the air. This sounds much easier than it actually is. Beat Newton and keep the cans in the air. Put the same cowboy hat on you put on at the Saloon Shootout and experience the Wild West for yourself.


This game is awesome, especially for children. The fish are swimming and playing around when suddenly crabs come around. Scare the crabs away by aiming at them. The quicker you scare them away the more points you earn. Unless the crabs are not only scaring the fish...

Menu interface

Pick the game you want to play and shoot at the screen to get started. You don't even need a mouse or keyboard for it, simply shoot and play. All LaserSniper games can also be started by starting their application directly.

Game admin

Track and trace statistics, turn off games you do not want to use or turn on games you specifically want to offer to your clients. Complete control and insight on statistics with the LaserSniper game admin!